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Create a new section

  1. Create a folder for the section in the approriate place in the file structure.

Put a number and hyphen at the front of the folder name to set the order the sections appear in the automatically generated menu in the sidebar, for example this is in the folder 01-Cookbook to ensure the cookbook is shown first in the Tools menu. The site strips out these numbers to create the pathnames.

  1. Create a file in the root of the new folder with the filename category.yml and the contents:
# position: 2.5 # float position is supported
label: 'Title'
collapsible: true # make the category collapsible
collapsed: true # keep the category closed by default
# className: red
# Have the index page of this category be an autogenerated list of the docs in the category
type: generated-index
# OR link to a particular document
# type: doc
# id: doc-name
title: Title
slug: /path
# description: some text here
# keywords: ['keyword']
# image: /img/image.jpeg
description: description to show on cards

The lines above that are commented out are optional, and can be used if needed.

  1. Create a file in the root of the new folder with the filename and the contents:
title: The full title of the page
slug: /path/to/directory
sidebar_label: Shortname

# The title to display at the top of the page

Some intro text

The slug tells the system to use this page to display content when the section created by this directory is chosen. The /path/to/directory is something like /tools/cookbook, which is what is used for this section.