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We use a lot of software tools in our work. Here's a rundown of the key ones...

Core Tools

All Convivio team members need to be set up on, and familiar with:

  • Cookbook: This site, where you can find out everything you need to know
  • Google Workspace: Email, Calendar, Collaborative Documents, File Storage
  • Gitlab: The company hub, plus contributing to this cookbook.
  • Slack: Chat and synchronous collaboration
  • 1Password: Password management
  • Pleo: Company cards and expenses
  • Timetastic: Annual and sick leave booking and reporting
  • Zoom: Video calls, and our phone system
  • Miro: Collaborative online whiteboard

Other useful tools we use are:

Content publishing, courses & marketing

  • Ghost: CMS for managing the Convivio website and core member services
  • MeetEdgar: Content publishing for our social media channels
  • Missinglettr: Drip content publishing for our social media channels
  • Canva: Graphic design tool
  • Typeform: Form and survey tool
  • Teachable: Online course hosting

Client support & marketing

  • Hubspot: Customer relationship management (CRM) system
  • Shopify: Online store for selling standalone items
  • Stripe: Payments processor
  • Eventbrite: Live events sales and booking
  • Mailchimp: Outbound emails for marketing and member automations
  • Calendly: Meeting booking system

Video and audio production

  • Descript: Collaborative video and audio editing
  • Mmhmm: Add slides and other useful tools to Zoom calls and recorded videos
  • Transistor: Podcast hosting platform
  • Camo: App for using your iphone as a camera for video calls and recording